I remember this slogan, written on the board, hang on the wall against Ngkoh’s room. He wrote his work plans & targets on this board periodically, and the slogan was there, upon his plans. This always reminds me that I have to practice anything to make it perfect. But i don’t do that anyway hehe…males euy. Ya gimana..many things to practice. Guitar, english and japanese of course. Including aerobic exercise (which has delayed for months hehe). Besides, many unread books fulfill my room and Ngkoh’s.

Since the nihon go benkyou shimasu started in June, I almost never use my English. I also almost have no time for guitar practicing. Gosh…what should i do first? What practice do I have to do? Does the slogan still work? Where? I’m sure it’s brought by Ngkoh to Tokyo hehe…:D…

But i have to practice, anyway….duh kenapa sih ngga produktif bgt….:(