Yes I feel hot. Very hot. Sweaty. But not in sexy meaning….it’s always hot in here, bandung. “Bandung wa atsui desu nee,”said my sensei in my last session. I dont like bandung atmosphere recently, due to not only its strange weather but also its unacceptable traffic. Very crowded. I dont feel bandung as comfortable as it’s used to be.

Cant wait for raining season…not a good choice, but better than hot, anyway. The weather forecast said that it’ll come in Sept or Oct, but still hasn’t arrived here until this minute. The global warming phenomena has a big role in this hot problem. It’s unfair. The developed countries push us to stop activities causing global warming, while their stomach have been full. They cry out for saving environment in our country but they enjoy our woods from our great forests, not theirs. What a pathetic world.

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