It’s a very stressful two-week. After I received information about the due date for master program application which has closed, I asked Ngkoh and some capable people for advise, then “we” decided to apply for doctor program. WE, not me. I discussed it with my lecture, and he wrote an idea about my future plan, to link all my education history, until we find a fitted research area.

I still remember how I laughed at my friends, including Ngkoh, when they cried because of research proposal, but suddenly I have to face it. Have to search new idea, read journals & books, write proposal, search for state of the art, oh nooooooooo !!! Kualat kali ya.

Have no idea until this minute, not even a single word….what should I write for the damn research. Can I? Should I? Why ? Many questions are passing my head.

I still have 4 days left… mee!!


Eh dipikir2…kenapa harus setres ya, toh dapet sekolah atau ngga, tetep harus nyusul Ngkoh. Kalo ngga dapet sekarang, bisa daftar lagi taun depan. Akhh….