I never know that insects can be very annoying. I can find many insects in my country everyday, but now I just realize that yes, insects are very annoying (even if my lecturers always remind us how important insects are).  It’s my first summer in Japan. Hot and very noisy. The sound of that “cicadas” thing outside, cockroach (small and big, young and adult, OMG!) in our house everyday, “centipede”, and other insects. Hiks hiks….Ibuuuuu…!!

It’s horrible because I’m pregnant, and we believe that pregnant woman is not allowed to do something that can harmful others, even insects! So we can’t kill that cockroach. (Who made that silly believe anyway!)

In Japan, there’s always a park in almost every corner of the street, with large trees of course. If you walk through that park, it’s like you walk through a forest because of that “cicadas” sound.  At first, I feel curious, what kind of bug is that?  Then I found that it’s like a large fly. The sound is very loooouuuddd…even if they don’t fly.

Now I decide to hate summer….


Picture source : http://www.entomology.umn.edu